What is Our School?
Bim’s Paradise’s aim to provide our pupils with a fr iendly and stmulating environment where children feel secure and are able to develop to their full potential. Our aim has been fortified by the fact then Bim’s Paradise has secured 100% results consistently since inception.
Message from Principal
Those of your browsing through this website are either in the persons of children or BIM'S as the school of choice for your children or have already done so. Let me take this opportunity to tell you why i think this choice is a superb one!

BIM's is a very special place. Our campus remains on envriornment surrounded by nature and responsive to the natural world.It is our intent and purpose to the provide the best education possible for the children of our school. My Vision to reach that mission is to focus on student achivement and school improvement.

As an educationist I have often wondered about the purpose of education - I believe that education is all about an art of living. It comes with the combination of scientific temperament and a religious mind. Let us all be natural. Let us all be totally alive and together create a world of tendernersness, compassion and love.

I,along with my team of dedicated faculty, intend to build on a strong foundation & raise the standards in all spheres. My aim is not only to be an able administrator but also to be a guide and philospher to students, one whom they can count on and trust at all times. We look forward to meeting you & sharing our views on education with you personally. Thanking you & hope to meet you soon. Thanking you & hope to meet you soon.

Mrs.Beena Sanjay Singh